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Myrtis Fossey offers individual services to youth, adults and couples dealing with:

1. Anxiety

2. Depression

3. Sleep disruption/Insomnia

4. Identity crisis/Life change

5. Stress/Burnout

6. Postpartum Anxiety/Depression

7. Conflict/Communication


Each session costs 150$ payable in person by cheque, cash, debit or credit card. For virtual sessions, internet banking and other remote payments are possible such as e-transfer. Receipts are issued for income tax deduction purposes as well as medical insurance claims, however each individual should do their due diligence in order to ensure that services are covered.

Length of Therapy

Each session lasts roughly 50 minutes. Traditionally therapist and patient meet once a week - negotiating for a more intensive or less intensive frequency is always an option. The optimal number of sessions needed to see improvement depends on the goals of the patient and is based entirely on individual needs.

Therapeutic Approach

Myrtis' approach to assisting patients is as a pragmatic guide. She makes use of Cognitive-behavioral techniques as well as psychoanalytical or humanistic interpretations to help patients achieve insight into the possible causes of their distress. Myrtis and her clients work together as a team to uncover potential solutions to their problems.

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