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Sarah offers services to children that range from early intervention services to play services that can help the child with:

1-Exploring and understanding their feelings

2-Social play

3-Peer relationships

4-Independent play

5-Intraverbal skills (responding to spoken words)

6-Early academics

7-Listener (receptive skills)


The initial consultation will be billed at 80$/hour and it will consist of an introductory meeting with parents and a preliminary assessment. This is used to determined if the child would be a good fit for our services.Play services fees per hour after initial consultation are 50$/hour. Each session is payable by cheque, cash, debit or credit card.  Internet banking and other remote payments are also possible such as e-transfer. 

Length of Therapy

Each session is scheduled to be 60 minutes long, however 2 hour sessions are also possible if deemed necessary and possible for the schedule. 

Therapeutic Approach

Sarah applies a child-centred approach, and each child is individually assessed to uniquely fit the child's needs. Services are available to help pre-schoolers and young children who may have developmental delays or are experiencing other challenges, as well as offering support to their families. Our services strive to help children reach their goals through the creation of programs after an initial assessment is completed; this assessment allows us to determine what those goals should be.

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